We run a small family-operated gun shop that has been in business since 2008. We do not have a large inventory which allows us to keep our overhead low. We’ve partnered with all of the major manufacturers and wholesalers across the country, and we will work one-on-one with you to find the gun that best suits your needs at an amazing price.

Currently the majority of our business is centered on providing Internet Firearm Transfers and concealed carry “CHL” classes. Our focus is to provide superior customer service which has been the foundation that has doubled our business every year since we opened.

We also have partnered with an amazing gunsmith who does just about anything. We trust him to do all the work on our personal firearms and his turn-around time is lightning-fast compared to most shops in the area. Another service we offer is Cerakote refinishing. Whether you’re looking to restore a firearm after years of use, or just want a custom look, our guy does an amazing job and offers any color or style you can think of.

We are lucky to have the most amazing customers in the DFW Metroplex; without you all we wouldn’t be able to offer what we do. We have discounts available to those who help protect and serve our community. If you have served in any branch of military or you are an active or retired police, fire, EMT, or teacher— please give us a call to discuss our discounts. We are also proud to announce that starting January 2015 we have added real estate agents to the list above.

Dylmar Arms Pricing:

  • Firearm Transfers $25.00

  • Firearms Transfers from Buds Gun Shop $15.00
  • NFA Transfers (Silencers/SBRs/Fully Automatic) $85.00
  • CHL Classes $85.00 per student

**Discounts available for military, police, fire, EMT personnel, teachers, & real estate agents

Please call us today to let us know how we can help (972) 372-4867 or you can also e-mail us.

Michael Paretti (owner) & family.

Michael Paretti (owner) & family.

Last Update: 03/5/2015