Many people today carry guns. Everyone should do it legally by meeting the legal requirements and pay the Texas Department of Safety to obtain their CHL License. Exercise your fundamental human right to self-defense! Criminals will always carry guns, knives and other weapons— regardless of the law; criminals break laws for a living. They are just as unfazed by anti-gun laws as they are by anti-murder, anti-rape, and anti-theft laws. Texas residents who wish to legally conceal carry are people who do not want to be victims of such criminals. Regular folks like you and me, people with families, would like to legally carry as an effective means of defense on their person— just in the event they encounter a bad guy in a situation where confrontation cannot be avoided. That’s all. They do not want to shoot anyone, and most pray that they never have to. They just want a chance to keep themselves and their family safe.

The unarmed and unaware are easy prey for criminals. The best defense against becoming a target of a crime is prevention! Being aware of your surroundings, being mentally prepared to act, and equipping yourself with the proper tools of defense is essential. If prevention fails, your only chance is to FIGHT BACK. You must know “HOW” to fight back.

We offer classes to every Texan. We offer our typical CHL class to those who consider themselves comfortable with a firearm and already understand the fundamentals of shooting and how to handle their firearm safely and efficiently. We also offer a class for those who are new to firearms and require a little more education on the basics as well as learning and passing the requirements for conceal-carry.

I am a NRA Certified instructor as well as a licensed professional to teach in the great state of Texas. My main goal is to prepare you to carry a concealed handgun safely and efficiently. I do not have a schedule prepared for future classes. I set my schedule as an on-demand basis and design the day-base on the number of students and their proficiency level. We offer various options as a convenient way to fit your busy schedule. In most cases I complete the class in one day— which includes both the class portion along with range time. Since my schedule is constantly changing due to my family activities. and honeydo’s, your best bet is to give us a call to discuss our availability.

The class portion can be done at my home or yours. The range requirement varies depending on their availability and the number of students. Typically I prefer outdoor settings, weather permitting. The two ranges I use is Armadillo Gun Range located at 6710 Act Industries Cir, Nevada, TX 75173 – these guys are amazing and please support them with your business if you are in the area and looking for a place to shoot. The second place I use is Eagle Gun Store and Range located at 491 Valley Ridge Boulevard, Lewisville, TX 75057 – this facility is newer and their customer service is fantastic. They to do it all! Please stop by and show them some love.

Private & Group Classes

We know your life is busy, that’s why we also offer private classes! You’ll receive one-on-one attention from us. If you have a large group of friends that want to train together— we can accommodate groups as large as 5-6. Anything larger than that we believe safety is compromised.

New Shooters Class is $135 which includes a basic firearm class which teaches shooting techniques, safety, and handling as well as your traditional CHL course.

Are you nervous about shooting a handgun?

  • In need of a handgun refresher?
  • Want to shoot at a range but don’t know how it works?
  • Want specific training on YOUR handgun?
  • Worried about the CHL live fire qualification?
  • Want to learn to shoot & get your CHL all at once?

This is the class for you! You’ll get the following:

  • 2 hours of basic pistol instruction with your specific handgun
  • Practice shooting & then complete the Texas CHL range qualification in the same session.
  • Save $40 by taking this as a combo class

Private Single or His & Her Class is $100 for a single shooter or $150 for a couple. This class is our typical CHL course but is customized to fit your needs, and schedule.

Regular CHL Class for $85 per shooter.

Firearms and Ammunition is not included. I can provide you a firearm to use with a rental fee of $10.00. Ammunition can be purchased at the range, or I can bring some to sell you with advance notice.

Our goal is to educate students, build their self-confidence, and teach everyone proper shooting techniques while ensuring your safety. We welcome you feedback whether positive or not— we want to make sure your experience and satisfaction is out of this world. Our business thrives on referrals, and if you’re not completely satisfied please let us know!!

Important Links and Information about your Texas CHL
Texas Department of Public Safety Contact Information is listed below:

Texas Department of Public Safety – CHL Phone Number is (512) 424-7293
Texas’ Department of Public Safety Website

Mail INCLUDING Payment
Texas Department of Public Safety
PO Box 15888
Austin, TX 78761-5888

Mail WITHOUT Payment
Texas Department of Public Safety
Concealed Handgun – MSC 0245
PO Box 4087
Austin, TX 78773-0001

Texas CHL Handbook and Laws

Texas’ DPS CHL Fee Breakdown

Texas’ DPS Fingerprint Information – Cost is $9.95 in most places and not included in the class fee.

Texas CHL Reciprocity – Information on what states allow you to conceal carry with a Texas CHL

CHL Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Texas Department of Public Safety will make every effort to issue your license within 60 days of receiving the completed application packet. If the application is incomplete or additional information is required to complete the background check, you will be notified in writing.

Initial licenses are valid for four years. Renewal licenses are valid for five years. The license will remain valid as long as you continue to meet all the eligibility criteria.

Fingerprints need to be completed by making an appointment while applying online through the state’s website. You will be required to input your zip-code to look up a location near you.

  • The fingerprint processing fee is $9.95, payable to MorphoTrust USA (formerly L-1 Identity Solutions) by one of the following methods:
  • Online with a credit card or at the MorphoTrust USA (formerly L-1 Identity Solutions) location, payment must be made by check or money order.

Passport Photos are no longer required. The Texas DPS department will use your photo of record from your state issued ID or Driver’s License.

Agreements with other States | Reciprocity Agreement

If there is a reciprocity agreement with Texas, then you may carry provided you comply with that State’s laws on concealed carry. Reciprocal agreements and unilateral proclamations can be found on our Reciprocity map.

If you are in another state that has reciprocity with Texas you must follow that state’s laws for carrying a concealed handgun. The same responsibility applies to anyone from that other state when traveling in Texas; they must follow the Texas laws for carrying a concealed handgun. Most states will have a website for their concealed carry licenses or permits that will update you on their laws. Alternatively, you may call the other state and ask what their laws are for carrying a concealed handgun while in that state. Reciprocal agreements and unilateral proclamations can be found on our Reciprocity map.