We strive to complete ALL of our transfers within 2 business days.

All of our transfers are completed by appointment only.

We typically schedule appointments between the hours of 7:00pm to 10:00pm Monday through Friday, and the weekends vary depending on what we have planned.

We offer discounts to all of the following (Active/Retired): All branches of the military, Local Law Enforcement, Fire/EMT Personnel, and Teachers… Please give us a call or email us for pricing.

Dylmar Arms Pricing:

  • Firearm Transfers $25.00
  • Please call us today: (972) 372-4867, text us at (714) 726-0572, or Email Us.

    If you purchase a Firearm online and would like us to handle the transfer please follow these 4 simple steps:

    1. Download a copy of our FFL/SOT “Federal Firearm License
    2. Email or Fax a copy of our FFL/SOT to the company/person you purchased the firearm from- They will not ship the item until this is received.
    3. Email Us with the make/model of the firearm- Your contact information, and who you purchased the item from.
    4. We will call, text, or email you when the item arrives to set an appointment for the transfer.

    Last Update: 09/02/2017