IDENT Marking Services – Rockwall, TX
We use these guys for all of our NFA Laser Marking and Custom Firearm Lettering.

Wylie Custom Gun Coating – Wylie, TX
Local Wylie Business with top-notch customer service and amazing attention to detail.

Elm Fork Gun Range – Dallas, TX
In my opinion this is the best outdoor range in the area with a professional and friendly staff, and they offer a little bit of everything from pistols, rifles, and skeet stations.

Armadillo Gun Shop & Range – Nevada, TX
Friendly staff, and an amazing setup for a small local outdoor range.

Eagle Gun Shop & Range – Lewisville, TX
New Indoor Gun Shop and Range – Friendly staff and wonderful facility.

NRA Instructor – William Crowe
William is an amazing instructor who teaches numerous firearms-related courses. He and his team of instructors are top-notch. I have taken several of his classes and have learned more in a few hours with him than I did in all my other classes and seminars put together. Please support him.

Last Update: 03/3/2015