Thank you to the Silencer Shop for their new technological innovation “the Form 4 Generator” We will be using this exciting new tool for all of our Form 4’s which will contain a embedded bar-code to streamline the submission method by reducing the number of ATF resources required to both enter data and handle problem forms.

Silencer Shop’s latest advancement benefits both owners and dealers alike by streamlining the silencer ownership process. The online Form 4 Generator solves the largest culprit for mistakes that the ATF sees on submissions: the field that contains the dealer license number. They have tied in the FFLeZCheck 3.1.2 system in their form generator to auto-fill and validate the FFL/Dealer’s information. Though this may not sound like a big deal to some of you, this feature is super exciting for us.

If you purchase a Silencer online and would like us to handle the transfer please follow these instructions:

1. Download a copy of our FFL/SOT “Federal Firearm License
2. Email or Fax a copy of our FFL/SOT to the company/person you purchased the silencer from- They will not process the Form 3 “Dealer to Dealer” transfer paperwork until this is received.
3. Email Us with the make/model of the silencer- Your contact information, and who you purchased the item from.
4. We will call, text, or email you when the item arrives to set an appointment for the transfer.

Our cost for NFA Transfers is $85.00

We will continue to add to this section in the upcoming months. Our plan start selling silencers along with handling transfers. If you have any questions or concerns please let us know.

Last Update: 09/02/2017